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  • Three Things Thursday 6-17-21
    3 geese

    Each Thursday I share three goodies. Most are homesteading related, but some are just funny or cute or life-giving. Enjoy!

    1 – Try French Dressing

    I tried a new radish this year named French Dressing. They have a fun shape with a milder bite than most radishes. And since it’s less than a month from seed to radish, you have time to add some to your garden. 🙂

    2 – Need Garden Fertilizer?

    Kathi of Oak Hill Homestead has a great article on how to make comfrey tea as a fertilizer in your garden. I have a truckload of comfrey growing around my house. I’m on it!

    How to Make Comfrey Tea for Your Garden

    3 – Love the Flowers

    The chives are blooming at my house. Not only are they pretty, but they’re edible too. I’ll toss a few in my next salad. (They also make a colorful addition to your herb garden.)

    Have a great day! Lori ❤️

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    3 geese © Hussain Badshah / Unsplash
    radishes, comfrey, chives © Lori / Dandelion Hill Homestead

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