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3 Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday 7-8-21

3 kittens for Three Things Thursday

Each Thursday I share three goodies. Most are homesteading related, but some are just funny or cute or life-giving. Enjoy!

1 – Keep ‘Em Cool

Just a reminder that the summer heat can be rough on your livestock and pets. Give them plenty of shade, water, and any other cooling factor you can think of.

We have a solar-powered fan that runs air up and out of our bunny barn and we set out frozen water bottles or ice blocks. Cool tiles and frozen treats can be helpful too.

bunnies by a block of ice

2 – Summer Activities

Artful Homemaking has a great list of activities for kids (and, honestly, many of them would be great fun for adults too!). I totally want to have read-aloud time and make homemade pizza.

32 Simple Summer Activities for Kids

3 – Visiting Amphibian

While my sweetie and I were working on the addition to our house, we had a visitor.

Have a great day! Lori ❤️

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3 kittens © Quang Nguyen vinh / Pixabay
bunnies on ice, toad © Lori / Dandelion Hill Homestead

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