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3 Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday 4-8-21

trillium - an early spring flower
Trillium – one of the earliest spring flowers. Three petals. Three leaves.

Each Thursday I share three goodies. Most are homesteading related, but some are just funny or cute or life-giving. Enjoy!

1 – Pretty, Pretty

I’ve been enjoying Botanical Interest’s wallpaper calendar on my desktop computer. It’s a freebie and you get a new garden image each month.

Botanical Interests 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

2 – Keeping Track of the Kits

If you raise rabbits, here is a freebie printout with everything you need to keep track of all the furballs. Print one for each breeder rabbit and tuck them in a binder.

Bunny Breeding Record

3 – I Want This Picture 🙂

Every time I see this print, I want a dog (or maybe I need a nap). 🙂 Really I think I just want the print hanging in my bedroom. It warms my heart. What’s your favorite painting?

Have a great day! Lori ❤️

Image credits
trillium © Lori / Dandelion Hill Homestead

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