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3 Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday 4-1-21

three crosses - Have a Happy Easter

Each Thursday I share three goodies. Most are homesteading related, but some are just funny or cute or life-giving. Enjoy!

1 – Blog Hops

Blog hops are a gathering place for bloggers to get to know like-minded people and share what they’ve written. It’s a great place to meet other homesteaders and learn from their experiences. Here are the two I have found so far. Check out all the goodies!


2 – Make Your Own Seed Envelopes

This is seedtime and, boy howdy, they are tiny and in need of being corralled. Here’s a link to a freebie download to make your own small envelopes. They’re helpful in organizing your own seeds and great for when you have seeds to share.

Fine Gardening: Make Your Own Seed Packets

3 – Morel Mushrooms

It won’t be long before these springtime mushrooms start appearing. Do you know what to look for? They’re actually one of the easiest to identify and they’re yummy!

Morel Mushrooms

Have a great Easter! Lori ❤️

Image credits
3 crosses © congerdesign from Pixabay
morels on paper towel © bethL / Pixabay


  1. Linda

    Thank you for that packet template. I really needed that one.

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