Autumn is barreling down on us here in Washington state, with winter on its heels. We’re working hard to finish several projects before snow.

golden ferns

Around the House

We’ve been busy drying in the addition to our house and insulating what will be our future bathroom. Our old water heater had to be replaced this year, so we installed the new one in the future bathroom where we can keep it above freezing.

We also gave the outside house sheeting a coat of brown paint to keep it protected until we can side it (still haven’t decided what we will use for that).

In the Garden

The garden is nearly put to bed. Everything from the summer has been harvested and we served up a few fall plants as snacks for the deer. 😉 They loved my peas and lettuce. Little boogers.

We hope to get a few beds created (we’ll be moving raspberries in the spring).


In the Kitchen

Kitchen work was simple this month because we’ve been so busy outside. We did get some bunnies processed/frozen and some herbs dehydrated.

 In the Bunny Barn

We’re looking through our bunnies and slimming down to breeding stock. I have a couple of new does (that’s Washboard in the picture, Su was hiding). My grandson fell in love with one of the kits and it’s now a pet (Ghostie).

my new doe, washboard

In the Coop

We had a bit of molting, but we’re still getting a few eggs each day. My sweetie’s been doing some research on winter care and giving them adequate light. (Next year is the Year of the Chicken at our homestead. We hope to build a new coop/yard/grain shed.)

New Articles

No new articles this month. I spent my time moving to a DIVI theme so I could be more mobile-friendly. All in all, I’m happy with the move (though I did lose the past newsletters in the transition, sorry).

Winter Fun

Take a look at OUR FAVORITE GAMES LIST. With winter coming on, it’s nice to have some things to do inside. There are games for two and games for many. Enjoy!

our 10 favorite games

On to October

I’m looking forward to finishing out a few projects and then settling in for the winter (crocheting, game playing, writing, and more).

Have a great day!

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all photos © Lori / DHH

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