Our son married into a game lovin’ family. It doesn’t matter when or why we gather, someone will pull out a game and it’s on!

10 favorite games

Really, there is a game closet!

We rarely get through a Saturday family night without playing Golf or UNO Flip. During the winter (when we’re blanketed with snow) we even have game days where we snack all day and play for hours.

These Are the Best!

Here are our top faves. These are the games you’ll see most often on the dining table with folks gathered ’round.

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SPLENDOR – This is a new favorite of ours. You can play with 2-4 players and it’s simple enough to have conversation over (strategy comes with play). We actually have three games on the property so we can have tournaments. It’s just that fun.

CODE NAMES – Two teams face off trying to figure out the clues given by their spymaster. This is a great party game because teams can be any size. Everyone can play.

DOMINOES – We enjoy just about any game that uses dominoes. Two of our favorites are Mexican Train and Chicken Foot. Dominoes are great for play with younger children too. There are no words involved and this particular set has a different color for each number as a help.

FIVE CROWNS – Paul and I play this often with afternoon coffee. We have a running tally of wins and declare a champion each year. (I’m ahead right now.) :)

FLUXX – There are a bazillion versions of this game (Dr. Who, Monty Python, Zombie, Pirate, and more), all fun. You do need to have your wits about you because the rules change as you play.

GOLF – This game just requires a couple of standard decks of cards. I think this game gets played more than any of the others. Easy to learn and simple enough to have conversation while you play. Rules here.

IDIOT – Good friends taught us how to play this card game on a cruise and we continue to enjoy it. Silly competitive fun. Keep standard playing cards and a silly hat handy.

Get the Rules!
Loser has to wear a funny hat!

NERTZ – A fast-paced game where play is nonstop. Each player needs their own unique deck of cards. Rules here.

SETTLERS OF CATAN – A long-time favorite of ours where you build a world and collect points to win. There are multiple expansion packs to give you more room to play or to make room for additional players.

UNO FLIP – This version of Uno has a “dark side.” Lots of twists and turns. If you know how to play UNO this is an easy game with almost no learning curve.

Well, there you have it. Ten of our favorites. Do try one or two the next time you are gathered with family and friends.

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