My “Bunny Basket”

When I first started raising rabbits, I had them all in tractors in a small meadow next to my house. After a while, I got tired of lugging around bags of feed, buckets of water, and all the bits and bobs, so I created a “bunny basket.”

bunny basket with food, water, and bits
I’m good to go!

When bunny chore time rolled around, I could fill the containers with food, tuck in a few bottles of water, add in practical bits, and I was good to go – one carryall with all my needs covered.

How to Organize All the Bits and Bobs

Now that my rabbits are living in a bunny barn in a colony, I don’t have to move feed and water around, but I still have plenty of bits and bobs that need organizing. I’ve repurposed my bunny basket to hold my ever-growing collection of bunny care items. (I also have a large bin to house larger items and backup supplies.)

basket and bin with rabbit care bits
I’ve been repurposed!

These are the things I have on hand. (I still have a couple of cages for quarantining sick or new bunnies. My DIL has a couple of bunnies in cages because they won’t play nice in the colony.)

Food & Water

  • hanging food bowls for cages
  • hanging drinking cups for cages
  • soda bottles for the drinking cups

This article contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I make a commission. My rabbits thank you for helping to pay for their bunny treats. ❤

These items are made for birds, but they work well for bunnies too.

I have extra of all of the food and water items so when I clean out the rabbitry each week, I can set out clean ones and take the used ones in to wash and restock. All this stuff goes into the bin because it’s rather bulky.

Handling & Breeding Rabbits

I love my bunnies and most of them handle well, but there are still those moments when bunnies get jumpy and you can get some pretty serious scratches. One birthday my sweetie bought me some cut sleeves. They are truly amazing. I wear them when I’m doing a lot of handling, like with breeding or tattooing.

  • cut gloves/sleeves (‘Cause bunnies can kick and scratch.)
  • dry erase markers, Sharpies, pens (This is for the breeding calendar on the wall and any paperwork I have.)
  • tattoo pen
  • rubbing alcohol
  • numbing spray
  • balm/vaseline
  • towel
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(Just a reminder: No Responsibility Disclaimer – The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only. You use all information at your own risk. Please be wise about any treatment. Do your research and see your vet as appropriate.)

Bunny Care

I truly hate it when my rabbits get sick. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but I like to be ready with items that can help clear up a problem or make them more comfortable.

  • triple antibiotic ointment (for scrapes and scratches, buy it at the Dollar Store)
  • mineral oil (for ear mites)
  • Ivermectin (for ear and skin mites)
  • Terramycin (for eye irritations)
  • baby gas drops (if you suspect your rabbit has bloat)
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I haven’t had to use these yet, but I’m ready!

  • powdered goats milk or kitten milk (for feeding motherless kits)
  • syringe with nipples

Constructions Bits

You never know when you’ll need a bit of string or a pair of pliers to make a repair.

  • scissors
  • twine
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • needlenose pliers
  • Jclip pliers and Jclips (this is what you use to construct a cage)
  • any cage construction bits I want to be able to find again
  • scale

I have a small scale for weighing kits to keep an eye on their growth rates. If I need to weigh heavier bunnies I use a luggage scale and a bucket.

Well, there you have it. All my bunny bits are in my “bunny basket” and easy to find. It’s a great practical tool.

carryall full of rabbit care items
My bunny basket full of bits and bobs.


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bunny baskets © Lori / Dandelion Hill Homestead

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