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May 2021

Warm weather has finally arrived and (I think) we’ve had our last freeze. 🙂 We’re seeing more and more wildlife – frogs, dragonflies, wild ducks, squirrels, and this little guy (he’s actually quite harmless).

snake on grass

Around the House

We had to put in a new hot water heater this month (our old one gasped its last breath). We got a tankless instant-on heater. I love it.

My sweetie and son also got a few tree plugs from a forestry group. We’ve lost a fair number of white pine trees to weevils. We’re trying to reforest a bit with other native trees.

In the Garden

Most of our plants and seeds are in, with the exception of tomatoes and peppers (they will need a bit warmer weather). It’s so fun to see the little plants break through the soil.

This year we are sharing our garden with our son and his family. It’s quite the adventure. Our two-year-old grandson loves the hose and hand sprayer.

family in garden
Why is it the little ones go for the hose?

In the Kitchen

There are so many outside spring projects I don’t really have the time to be in the kitchen much. My go-to activity is harvesting and dehydrating everything. I can rehydrate later when I have time. I have a bunch of rhubarb dried for pies and flowers (dandelions and lilacs) for jelly.

rhubarb in a dehydrator
Future rhubarb pies!

In the Bunny Barn

We’ve had several litters born this month. The interesting thing was having three does have their litters in the same kindling box. Lots of chunky kits with three nursing moms. 🙂

We did get the outdoor pen finished out and put up shade cloth. It looks like it’s going to be a warm summer.

In the Coop

The chickens are laying like gangbusters. It’s nice to have all the eggs. We do seem to have a couple of gals that are aging out. What that means is we will be getting a few chicks next spring. I’d like to look into leg bands so we can tell how old our chickens are (each new group of chicks will get a different color when they mature).

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