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March 2021

We’ve had a fairly mild winter. We’re warming up and looking like spring. The weather in Washington is not to be trusted, so as the snow goes away we’re working on those projects that won’t be hurt if we should get a surprise cold snap.

cleaned up raised garden bed
The garden is clear and ready to go!

Around the House

We’re getting started on an addition (a living area and a mudroom). We were able to get the materials and pretty soon we’ll have floors and start framing the walls! 🙂

In the Garden

OMG, y’all. It feels so good to play in the dirt after months of snow. It’s too early to plant anything, but the garden area thawed out and my sweetie and I did some prep. As soon as the temperature allows we can start planting. We are seeing some of the perennials poke through the dirt.

rhubarb plants coming up through the soil
A friend gave me this Strawberry Rhubarb. It will be a fairly red rhubarb.

In the Kitchen

I finally got around to crocheting a few new scrubbies. I was on my last one. I love them because they last a long time and, being made of tulle, they clean up easily with a little soak in your cleanser of choice.

scrubbies in a bag
My scrubbie bag.

We’re also making plans for canning. I want to make some dandelion jelly this year, so I am on the lookout for the smaller pretty half-pint jars. Canning supplies are a bit thin right now, but if I start looking now, by the time I’m ready to can, hopefully, I’ll have the jars I need.

In the Bunny Barn

Since the ground is thawing out, my husband was able to get posts in the ground and start on the pen area for the does. We barely got them into the new bunny barn before snow last winter and now we are giving them some outside area to play.

My DIL had a little fun with this photo of herself and her newest doe Foxy.

In the Coop

Paul and I have started work on our quail cages. If we like raising quail, we’ll help our son in building his chicken coop/grain barn and make an addition for the quail. All the birds will be in one place. We did buy an incubator (it was a really hard choice because the reviews are all over the place) and I gave it a run-through to make sure all the buttons and doodads work. Another couple of weeks and we should be able to buy quail and get started.

… And a Bit of Art

We had a few days of rain, so I played inside.

Zentangle art

Zentangle patterns: mak-rah-me, narwal,
prestwood, twistee, wired, & jelly legs

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Image credits
blocks, rhubarb, scrubbies, and Zentangle art © Lori/Dandelion Hill Homestead
DIL & Foxy © Forest Byerly

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