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June 2021

Summer in the PNW is usually quite lovely and, for the most part, we’ve had that and then … a heatwave. We’ve been dealing with temperatures of over 100°F for days.

pea plant blossoms

We can generally do what we normally do, but it has to be done early or late in the day. We’re just not used to that kind of heat.

Around the House

We’re finally in a place to build again on our house. We have a few more floor joists in place and were working on the plumbing. We’re hoping that we will have the additional rooms dried in before the cold of winter. We’d love to have the extra room.

In the Garden

our garden

The garden is growing well, but we’re having to water a bit more with the heatwave. My peas hate it. The tomatoes love it. 🙂 Can’t make everyone happy.

In the Kitchen

With the heat and working hard, we’re into simple meals that don’t heat up the house. It’s lovely to be able to gather lettuce and bits from the garden and make a salad.

In the Bunny Barn

Because of the heat, we’ve taken a break in breeding. We put frozen blocks of ice out, run a fan, and run the sprinkler from time to time to mist the yard. All the bunnies are doing well, though a couple are a bit grumpy. I think I would be too.

bunnies on ice

(One little guy has the best of both worlds. Bum on the ice and face in the food bowl.)

In the Coop

The chickens are doing remarkably well even in the heat. They’re laying eggs and going on about life. As with the bunnies, we’re trying to make them comfortable.

New Articles

No new articles this month. I’ve been working on learning a new (more mobile-friendly) theme for the site in a staging area. Hopefully, July will see a new look. 🙂

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