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January 2021

icicles hanging off the chicken coop
Brrrrr. Icicles hanging off the chicken coop.

January was cold and snowy. We’re all tucked in and staying warm. 🙂

around the house

We’re working on inside projects this time of year. I do bookkeeping for our non-profit so I’m buried in Quickbooks, reports, and giving statements. We bought a new printer, which I’m totally excited about (Paul and I write for a living and I do plenty of office work, so it’s a lovely gift to have a nice printer – it’s scans and copies too!).

Newton is keeping us entertained (he does a binky run most mornings). He’s been a house bunny for 3 months now and he’s settling in well. He litter box trained himself and naps in the shoe corral (though he does keep trying to steal my glasses).

Newton wearing my glasses
He thinks he’s smart!

Because it’s too cold and messy to work outside right now, our building projects are on hold, but we are figuring materials and costs for our next step in building onto our home. If you order your materials early, you often get a discount. 🙂 We hope to get working on our living room and mudroom addition as soon as we get through mud season in the spring (we really do need a mudroom).

in the garden

Our garden is under snow, but the seed catalogs are coming in! I’m having a great time pouring over the pages and picking out seeds. This year our son, DIL, and two kids (M1 who is 6 and M2 who is 2) will be joining us in the garden. We hope between us all we can do a nice garden and raise enough for both families. (M1 wants to grow green beans with grandpa. M2 wants to eat them.)

The biggest news is that a friend of ours is giving us a number of double pane glass doors. They will do nicely for the walipini we want to build. (A walipini is a greenhouse that is built partly into the ground. We are planning to build into the side of a south-facing hill.)

in the kitchen

My sweetie is really getting into canning (we need to buy more jars). This month he canned some of his favorite spaghetti sauce and TexMex enchilada sauce (we used to live in Texas and got addicted to TexMex). It’s a good thing we are building onto our house. We need room for all the jars.

Make it yours with reCap mason jar lids.

in the bunny barn

I’ve had a tough time in my rabbitry so far this winter. One of my older does (Moo) seems to have aged out and is no longer fertile. Then I lost Jelly Bean, my largest doe. 🙁 That leaves me with only two does for breeding in 2021. Thankfully, Pip had a nice litter and Uno is about to be bred for the first time. I will add a couple of does as soon as I can, but they will need time to mature to breeding age.

litter of newborn rabbits
Warm and wiggly. That’s how we like them.

The barley fodder is doing well (this is our test run to see if fodder works well for us). We are giving the rabbits half fodder and half pellet/grain mixture with unlimited hay on the side.

tray of barley fodder
Tray of barley fodder for the rabbits.

in the coop

My son has chickens and they just started laying again after a brief break.

three eggs on kitchen towel
Love the colors.

We hope to build a new chicken coop and fenced area this year. My sweetie and I are researching Coturnix quail and will likely build a couple of cages this winter and buy birds in early spring. If we like raising them, we will join with our son and build a nice coop/grain shed for all the birds (quail in cages).

Stay warm, y’all!

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