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February 2021

mud and snow
I never thought I would want to see mud.

We still have the potential for snow over the next month or two, but overall it’s been a very mild winter here in Washington. I have so many projects I want to dig into this year, I’m impatiently waiting for mud season.

around the house

Newton is still his amusing ol’ self. He has a binky run each morning and then naps in the shoe corral most of the day.

I am one spoiled bunny.

in the garden

We’re still under snow, but all the seeds I’ve ordered are here and I’ve organized them in my seedbox. I have a plan, but here in Washington, you have to do a little dance with the weather. You take your best guess and hope you don’t get snow in May (or June, one year it snowed on the 4th of July!).

seeds packages organized in a box
All my seeds in order and ready to go!

in the kitchen

Not much going on, but we are working to organize our food pantry. We want to work through our stored food and plan our garden and food storage for next year.

in the bunny barn

It’s been a hard winter in the bunny barn. Colony life has been good (they’re happy and running around), but I lost one of my does and another doe lost her whole litter (first-time mom who didn’t nurse them). I did pick up another doe to replace the one I lost and I have two does expecting in the next week or so.

bunnies in the bunny barn

in the coop

The chickens are faithfully laying eggs and Paul and I have started designing quail cages and gathering materials. I’m hopeful that we’ll get them built in March. I want to get everything ready before we bring home the quail.

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Image credits
mud, Newton, seeds, bunnies © Lori/Dandelion Hill Homestead

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