I would eventually like to have a few beehives on our property (maybe more than a few). I don’t have the knowledge I need to start, but I’m beginning to collect bits of information that will eventually become my bee plan.

Yup, I want some.

Sources & Collected Bits

So far I have one friend who has beehives and he pointed me to a beekeeping group in a nearby town (perhaps I’ll check it out later this year).

I found this cool book on sale from Mother Earth News.

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The Thinking BeekeeperMother Earth News

The author uses top bar hives. They have a simpler design, each bar with honey is lighter weight (than the Langstroth frames) and you get more beeswax. There is a steeper learning curve upfront, so I’m still on the fence with this one, but it’s sounding pretty good.

Interesting Article:
Beekeeping Like a Girl: Langstroth vs. Top Bar Hives

I’ve learned a good bit about bees and how they function in the hive. I’m also trying to figure out where we would put the hives on the property. I have a fenced area for fruit trees that would be good for a few hives I think.

If I go with the top bar design, the author has plans you can buy to make your own (and there are several talented woodworkers on the property). I’m also starting to look at beekeeping clothing.

Neat Freebie:
How to Build a Top Bar Hive - Free top bar plans.

The Barefoot Beekeeper
My Homestead Life: Bees

More later …

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