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April 2021

Spring has (almost) arrived at our house. We have sunny days and the occasional overnight freeze. Then a bit of rain (and something a little frozen) and then more sunshine. It’s normal Washington weather. We are, however, starting to see little bits of green everywhere.

willow tree
New willow tree leafing out.

Around the House

Not much movement on building our house. We spent this month finishing out the bunny pen (gotta get the gals out of the barn and into some sunshine) and getting the garden ready.

In the Garden

We were able to put a few plants in the ground (Walla Walla onion sets and rhubarb).

We have three rhubarb plants and we named them after the couple
who gave us the plants … and their dog Flurry.

I’ve got squash plants in a cold frame and lots of seeds started in newspaper pots. We’ll be adding another concrete block raised bed shortly.

In the Yard

Dandelions are everywhere! I’ve started collecting them for a number of recipes I’d like to try. We’re getting ready to do a bit of traveling, so I am dehydrating the petals for later.

The bunnies are enjoying the dandelions too. 🙂

cup of dandelion petals
Future dandelion jelly, muffins, fritters, and more.

In the Bunny Barn

My hubby and son did some finish-work on the barn and the does now have an outdoor pen. They’re so delighted to be outside. Lots of ninja jumping and racing around.

Pip, one of my larger does is still struggling to be a good mom. She just lost her second litter. We’ll try one more time.

On a happier note, we do have two new additions to our bunny family. Slate is a young grey buck and Orchid is a lion head doe. She’s a house pet and master of all she surveys.

lion head doe named Orchid
Miss Orchid with her human servant.

In the Coop

The chickens are drowning us in eggs. Seriously, that is not a complaint. All the households on the property are getting eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

No quail yet. Hopefully, we will have time to make the cages and get everything ready in May.

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Image credits
willow, rhubarb, and dandelion © Lori/Dandelion Hill Homestead
Orchid and her human servant © Forest Byerly

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