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Lori & Newton

Hi, I’m Lori.

My sweetie, Paul, and I have lived in several places around the US and traveled a bit by RV. We’ve always loved the idea of settling down and being on the self-sufficient side. We’ve explored a number of homesteading skills over the years and enjoyed learning from others.

(The white rabbit is Newton our house rabbit. He’s a bit shy because he is not very photogenic. He always washes out in any light and looks like a white blob.)

In the last few years, we found ourselves settled in Washington state (our son married a sweet gal and they had two of the cutest grandbabies, they’re like grandparent magnets).

Washington state forest view
This is the view from my front yard.

We’re now living on 10 acres with extended family having a good deal of fun gardening, raising bunnies, turning our RV into a cabin, canning, dehydrating, foraging for mushrooms, and more. Life is amazingly sweet.

I thought it would be good to share our adventure and perhaps encourage folks as they baby-step into homesteading as well. It’s fun to learn new skills and it’s always good to see how other folks do life.

Here are the people you will hear about on this site.


Paul/Sweetie – my husband

Newton – the house bunny

Son/DIL – our offspring and wife

M1 & M2 – their sons, our grandsons

OMIL – the other mother-in-law

More extended family & friends – still trying to come up with online names for them. TBA at a later date.

There is also Whiskey the dog, a few cats, dozens of rabbits, and quite a few chickens (the ladies).

So, here’s to the adventure! Welcome and have fun perusing the pages of my site.

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